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The Case for the Cossack Hat

The Cossack hat is a chic, timeless winter staple that has been adored by young and old alike for centuries.

The Cossack hat, similar in ways to a pillbox hat, is a high fur (typically fox) hat that has the general appearance of a short cylinder with one open end, and is set upon the head in such a way as to have the brim slightly touch the temples.

Its roots trace as far back as 1855, when the hat became an official part of the uniform for the Cossacks, a group in the Russian army. Fast forward to 1960, and you might have seen a similar hat with a matching muff on a Patti Playpal. Now, you may be fortunate to find a Christian Dior Cossack hat at your local vintage couture shop. Similarly, modern day versions are plentiful, as the Cossack hat is making a high fashion comeback.

Here are some of our favourites:

The classic Cossack hat — structured and clean.

The chic Cossack hat — white fox fur.

The casual Cossack hat — featuring a knit hat structure with two rows of luxe fur and a fleece lining.

The simple Cossack hat — versatile and sophisticated.

The black Cossack hat — edgy sister to the classic brown and chic white.

The bubble Cossack hat — a dramatic silhouette.

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